Welcome to the Interstate Drifters page. We are a relatively new group from all over, traveling around the country performing covers of some of our favorite Country songs and singers, as well as some of our own original songs.
The members of the Interstate Drifters are Karen Shipley, Craig Rosson, and Paula Annino.
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Karen is from Central Illinois, she has been singing and invloved in music since the 60's. She plays guitar and has been writing her own original songs since she was a teenager. She is the 2018 Dottie Robinson Musical Inspiration Award winner. Karen has won multiple awards, competitions, and talent shows in her earlier years. Karen had previously been approched for a recording contract.
Craig is also from Central Illinois, he began playing in the 60's, he has produced albums, directed videos, written songs, recorded and plays a multiple array of instruments, and has added some back up vocals to the Interstate Drifters. Craig is also a co-founder of Champaign Urbana Music Awards (C.U.M.A.).
Paula is from Northern Texas, she sings and writes her own songs. Paula has been involved in music since the 50's. She has performed in multiple talent competitions and talent shows in her earlier years. Paula has been in a few music videos.